Pure Soul = Pure Delicious

Lemme just take a second here to say….WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR ME TO COME HERE?!?!

I recently injured my right ankle, making it difficult to drive. Luckily for me, I have 2 teenage drivers who are happily bribed by a lunch in return for being my chauffer. Today I had a morning appointment & an afternoon appointment that my daughter was driving me to with just enough time in between for lunch. My daughter, Lo, is also vegan so this could be a vegan only lunch. This is it! The perfect time to eat at some of the restaurants I have been watching & wanting to try.

Pure Soul on 56th St in Sacramento has been in my Instagram for so stinking long. I have been wanting (and forgetting) to try this place since it first hit my radar. The hours on the website said they opened at 12 & I wasn’t sure we’d have enough time to get there & eat between appointments, but…ehh, let’s give it a shot! Again, can I just say, “why did it take so long for me to come here?”

We arrived at 11:45 & found plenty of parking & as we walked up to the building to read the menu, I noticed a sign saying they opened at 11. This might work! Instantly a very happy welcoming lady came out to greet us. She welcomed us & introduced herself to us as Auntie, she explained the menu & how she came to California to work at a purely vegan soul food restaurant, despite being an omnivore herself. We both ordered the ATLAS MONROE Big Poppa, Lo had the garlic fries & I opted for the garlic tots. While our food was being prepared, Auntie asked if we would be open to trying some samples from soul food sides menu. Neither of us were about to say no…that’s just rude.

Auntie brought us some greens, mac n’ cheese, baked beans, potato salad & candied yams. Not one thing was bland, dull or didn’t make you want more. Then our meals came. Oh! My! Goodness! The food was so good & tasty. The Big Poppa was the perfect amount of crispy & juicy, from what I can recall from my meat-eating days, it tasted like chicken. The Garlic tots came with fresh garlic & vegan parmesan cheese. I can’t forget to mention the Reese’s Withaspoon milkshake, the best peanut butter and chocolate shake I’ve had in FOREVER! Needless to say, this will be a place we will be coming back to time & time again!