Bambi…A Taco Story

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? The downside of food trucks is that when you love their food & have a wicked craving, it takes tracking the truck down to scratch that itch. The best news is, that despite 2020 & all COVID regulations that California faced Bambi’s Tacos was able to plan & execute the opening of a brick & mortar restaurant complete with a bar in September of 2021. They have TVs up playing a theme of the day (Sponge Bob Square Pants, Old Movies, Sports), succulents all over the restaurant, and a warning painted on the wall that says, “Don’t talk about yourself…we will do that after you leave.” Gotta love a place that has a sense of humor while bringing attention to what we already know.

They serve fresh, vegan, Mexican food. When you take a bite into the Double Deluxe, the flavors of the Bambi Cremini Beef meld with the refried beans all wrapped in the handmade flower tortilla. The service has been amazing every time I’ve been there. There may or may not have been a time where I went twice in one day, shhhh. Mark, my husband, the die-hard meat eater even loved them & has been overheard recommending them to his friends.

On one of my visits to Bambi’s I met up with a friend & brought along one of my meat-eating daughters. She had a hankering for nachos, but it wasn’t on the menu. The waiter said, “that does sound good, I’m not sure why we don’t have that.” He went to the kitchen & came back within minutes & said the chef thought that sounded fun to make. He brought her a beautiful plate of nachos, full of color & flavor.

I cannot say enough nice things about this place. Their food, the service, the environment…all of it is perfect. I once asked on a Facebook neighborhood page where someone could find some good vegan tacos & one of the comments was, “why bother? Good Mexican isn’t vegan.” To that guy, I say go to Bambi!