Mongolian BBQ Family Night

The family all decided we wanted some Mongolian BBQ for dinner. I foolishly thought, “how hard could that be to be made vegan”, right? Thinking the last time I ate at a place like this I typically just loaded up on veggies anyway, I would just omit the meat part of it & BAM! veganized. No, it wasn’t that simple. Thankfully we happened to choose a great restaurant with an even greater waitress.

As our group of 7 sat down, I explained my goal to Michelle (that’s our waitress’s name) and she was on it! She explained that a lot of the sauces would contain either fish sauce or oyster sauce in them & then pointed out the few that were truly vegan. She also went to the back & confirmed if the noodles were vegan or not, unfortunately they were not, as they were made with egg.

At this point it would have been easy to feel defeated & hungry. Not with Michelle on my side. She gave me the steamed rice; I was able to still pick all of my veggies & sauces & toppings. She went to the chef doing all the stir frying & specifically asked him to clean the grill prior to grilling my veggies so there would be no cross contamination. She even went as far as to let us know that the cheese appetizers & eggrolls were vegetarian but had been put in a fryer where chicken was cooked so we could avoid any cross contamination.

The meal was so tasty, not just for me but for everyone. The experience was pleasant & the service was top notch! This has definitely made it to the list of places we can return to as a family.

Thank You Silver Garden