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Here’s a little love story for you. This goes back to when I was newly single & terrified of the dating scene. Some friends (okay, most of my friends), encouraged me to just put myself out there. I tried, I really did, but jeeze…what slim pickins. I’ll save the horror stories for another time. I had been talking to & messaging this guy that was super patient, not pushy or sending me unsolicited pics. Finally, after 3 months of talking only by messaging, I felt brave enough to actually meet him in person. I wasn’t THAT brave though, because it was padded by a girl’s night out for Sacramento’s Cocktail Week. We agreed to meet at Red Rabbit around 7-ish, that translated to closer to 8 (timeliness is not my strongest attribute). was only late because I was nervous as hell, so I stopped next door at Centro’s first for a quick drink & pep talk from my friends & then walked next door to meet this man. It was awkward (especially when all my friends just “popped in”) but so fun. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him & nor did I want to. Fast forward to now, 6 years later & we haven’t stopped talking or being crazy about one another.

We are both a little sappy and we like to revisit the spots that mean a lot to us from time to time, Red Rabbit has definitely earned itself on this list. That being said, I have eaten at this establishment as both: an omnivore and as a plant-based eater, Red Rabbit does not disappoint no matter what the dietary needs of your party.

The specialized drinks for events and holidays are fun & have something for everyone. The service…it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at the bar or at a table, they are all super friendly & knowledgeable about their menu. Some of the staff has been there for a very long time & others are new, fitting in like they should have always been there.

The food is so great. Each meal is crafted with such precision & presented to your table looking like a piece of art. The last time we went we started with the Fungi Frites! They are sliced portobello mushrooms in a tempura batter accompanied by fried orange wheels with a chipotle cashew dipping sauce. We were informed prior to ordering that they were in fact vegan as well. We devoured the mushrooms & were a little suspicious of the orange wheels, until we took a bite & those won our hearts too. Mark ordered the special, it came with pork rib-eye steak with sauteed mushrooms, sauteed brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes, all sitting on a generous serving of mushroom gravy. I know that Mark hates brussels sprouts, he ate all but 3. This dude was so happy with his meal, he said he was full but didn’t want to stop because it tasted so good. I had the Farro Risotto, a mushroom risotto with sage, vegan parmesan and a vegan walnut cream sauce, I had a side of tofu with it. It was very good; I really didn’t need the tofu because the risotto itself was so filling. The only problem I had, was me wishing I ordered my favorite, the Vegan Eggplant Involtini! I LOVE this eggplant so much & when I find something I like this much, its hard for me to try something else. I tried & the Risotto was really delicious, I don’t want that message missed just because I’m a creature of habit, either way both meals are amazing.

We will continue to visit for all the reasons, food, anniversary, reminiscing. Thank you Red Rabbit for being a launching pad for my love story.