About We All Need to Eat

How did I get here??

It all started as family challenge to cleanse our bodies of processed, sugar loaded, fast & fattening foods…so we’ll all go vegan for 1 month. The hubs & I planned to start in one month & do all the research we could & shopping in preparation until then. May 1st, one day into our challenge, four of the six family members went straight to the taco truck for lunch. Two of us on the other hand stuck with it & really liked it. It has now been almost 3 years & has been an adventure in cooking, eating out & socializing.

The biggest challenge we have discovered is feeding our family with our dietary preferences, all under one roof. As a result, we have started taking notes of the best & the … not so accommodating places that can feed the omnivores & the herbivores. The more people we meet, the more I have discovered this is a problem for people with friends & family with different eating styles from them.

I will be sharing our favorite restaurants that feed our family, restaurants that my husband & I like to dine at alone on date nights, products that we have discovered & also recipes that are starting to convert my meat-eating friends & family one meal at a time…because we all need to eat!